February 2020 Guided Message

It’ s an interesting time for all of us. As I was walking the other day I came across this flower that looks as if it’s had an interesting history, but what an outcome! It relates to all of us who’ve worked our way to The Now. The traveler in each of us has had incredible moments of pain and transcended to this flower. Incredible.


I’m beginning a monthly reading from my Guides here. I’m providing their comments in the same format I share with clients, so here goes…

Angel card. Playfulness. Maintain your sense of humor and don’t take anything personally.

Resistance, pushing back, rejecting out of hand, overcoming feeling helpless and taken advantage of while at the same time being pulled toward community and an egalitarian belief that it should be one for all and all for one. Somehow it continues to be a fracture too large in divide at both the macro and micro level. First you have to look at what you believe is yours, then how others have made an assumption they own it instead without your participation. This circumnavigation of the path you’ve divined for yourself with the assumption you’ll course correct by others turns out to feel insulting and disrespectful. How do you bring this situation into alignment with all involved? How does compromise enter into an end result that is a positive outcome for everyone? It seems an irredeemable resolution, a brick wall you’ve run full tilt into right now and it also shines future shared communication in dim light. It is enough now, in this present time, to understand how you can flex your boundaries while maintaining respect and at least the offer of open discussion toward a degree of mutuality of purpose. These seemingly small battlefields in personal life are expressions mimicking and reflecting very large issues being played out on the Earth stage currently. Maintaining respect for your own self and emotional responses as they occur instead of harboring resentment is the key indicator of harmonious potential outcomes. Making judgments about others puts you smack dab in the “others” camp. Trading negatives does not lead to a positive. Make your feelings and boundaries known through your wallet and your vote, and when possible your personal shared conversation. This will be leaps and bounds more positive than responding to insults with insults.

There’s a real need to make your voice heard by those who you imagine are taking advantage of you. That is not to say your frame of reference is wrong, just that your integral self requests you either create or maintain clear sight of your self worth. It could be an issue that is personal or global. We are called to focus on maintaining and reaching for amenable physical and emotional outcomes that are balanced in an equilibrium of shared joy and contentment. We are not called to be spokespersons for others, but to be the model of assurance and love of our own personal self and how that regard is shared by virtue of your larger work toward being as true to your inner truth as you can be at any moment currently. If you are opposed to a company robbing municipalities of clean water for resale, you don’t go to the plant and steal back the water. You determine to not buy any products made by that company instead and to share that outcome with others as an opportunity to educate and adhere to a path that will influence that company’s future decisions. Transcending personal grief with actions leading to positive results is the suggested route ahead. Of course, there are those who will take these words in support of negative, selfish positions of belief, in an effort to support conceit and egoic power. Leave it to them, and don’t engage. Be comfortable and comforting. Look toward the positive and you’ll experience more of it.


Providing clarity and perspective is the goal I share with my Guides. For more information about me, my process, and my history, please go to my website: http://nikisimsoracle.com.


Published by Niki Sims Oracle

An Oracle for those seeking honest information. You ask a question, I provide an answer(s). I even ask questions about my own life and this site is a diary of the multi-dimensional aspects of this life, plus reflective of what 'Journeying' is all about - for me... Journeying is a native american shamanic meditative state where guardians and assistants are met.

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