Surrendering To Love – A Clarion Call From Many

I sat down to journey to the guides for insight and answers about the World’s plight. Why was it? What can we learn from it? What will be the end result? They immediately came through with the following in my own first-person response. I’m as surprised as you probably are! So, without further adieu. (Oh! At the end there are notes from my interesting encounters lately).

In the Now, we’re experiencing the effects of the pandemic with varied responses, as if we are all in the process of growing up, releasing the carefree attitude and knowingness that we’re cared for through job security, parents, the government, et. al., as our safety nets. But the swingset of our routines is being dismantled and we’re having to discover the actual facade of all those assumptions of security. It’s a hard realization. We’ve been hand-fed an illusion we willingly acquiesced to because it’s been easier to hide from the truth than face the tough work to get real and see the movie set as the facade of our security that it has been for many eons of time. The fact of humanity in all areas of the Earth being used as workers for the few is now incredibly apparent. Rising compassion, clarity and, congruently, hands are reaching out for one another during this time when isolation has offered an unveiling of huge proportions. When the love of one another is most needed and called for, who is it coming from? Instead of calling out for support, we’re being forced to call in for clarity, company, and insight. As we are more than ever feeling compassion and empathy for others, let those feelings resolve into the service of love for ourselves and all others. And, further, let that love extend unconditionally throughout the facades of support we’ve relied on into new structures enlivened with thoroughly constructed bridges and harbors of safety for all on the World. We are One. Don’t flatten the curve only for the pandemic schematic. Flatten the curve so that all may live in peace and prosperity, overcoming fear and inviting love in its place.

Interesting Encounters Lately

Within one minute (7:39) the following happened:
My cell phone rang.
I answered it.
There was a text message from me saying “I’ll call you right back.”
And an answering message from the caller saying “Okay.”

First of all, the call woke me from a very deep sleep and I lept out of bed to answer it. Second of all, as I answered it I saw the two text messages. At the same time. And thirdly, I did not write that text as I’d just lept out of bed and was answering the phone.

So, how did that happen?

As I sat down after these realizations, my computer and cell phone both crashed as if I’d turned them off simultaneously. My body was overwhelmingly tired, insisting I go back to bed. I didn’t because I was so confused about the improbability of these events. I got up to walk around and ten minutes later was vomiting profusely. So, I laid down, only seemingly dozing. I had an idea that my body had been woken too quickly from an out of body state of being and that I was not integrated. As I floated in a dazed state in my bed I “saw” that I’d been walking in a HUGE temple or structure of some type that was awesomely old, ancient. I was in awe of it, loving being there, curious. As I understood what I was seeing, I came back to my attention in this body and a person laid a construct of some kind into the side of my neck where it meets my shoulder. This is the part of my body that hurts the most and all of the time. I asked Why? are you putting that in my body when you know it hurts. I was told that it was to remind me I was in a human body lest I forget. I was able to wake up three hours later in a stable body, and mind.

Things are changing. The veil between dimensions is thinning, and while this small instance is entertaining it’s also indicative.

Don’t keep your feet buried in your same placement in the sand because sharp movements could break your legs.

Pay attention to where your mind and eyes compel your interest, and move with new information that feels surefooted. Use these new responses as stepping stones toward new realities.

(by the way, the crossword photo is shared with permission from Hans-Peter Gauster)

Until next month…


Published by Niki Sims Oracle

An Oracle for those seeking honest information. You ask a question, I provide an answer(s). I even ask questions about my own life and this site is a diary of the multi-dimensional aspects of this life, plus reflective of what 'Journeying' is all about - for me... Journeying is a native american shamanic meditative state where guardians and assistants are met.

One thought on “Surrendering To Love – A Clarion Call From Many

  1. A warm, loving and most welcome share Niki, thank you so much; I will continue to share this as it may benefit so many…. if they choose. Much love, JJ


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