Leaving Daddy – June Conversation With The Guides

When growing up my Dad was the authority. I learned alot about life through his mentoring, as I’m sure you did with your own dad. My personal relationship with Authority has been a result of that relationship. He continues to come to me seeking forgiveness and I have allowed his presence without attending to his request. Now it seems the time has come to take a good hard look at what Authority and his suggested paths as I grew up mean to me now as an adult. Many times I’ve watched others act as adults in trying and even regular daily activities, marveling at their self control, using their mind to balance their emotions; not something I learned growing up. The current unrest throughout the U.S. is bringing up real remembered emotions in me with the realization of an outstanding need to move past Daddy into adulthood. I realize I’ve been truly enmeshed in an ongoing type of Stockholm syndrome my entire life. Of course my resentment of Authority has been an outcome of being enslaved within a very unhealthy training period. And I wonder how much of the current unrest being expressed is somehow linked to that same training to be less than, to resist being limited, which is a part of my life’s anger at Authority. I only have my own stories to tell, to listen to myself say them over and over, diminishing my regal soul and continuing to live within a victimhood of helplessness. I see this unrest as a mirror, so although I can relate, I cannot really know the extent the generational listlessness enforced by Authority has had on cultures not white. But I see it and I want to know more about it and how to grow into a maturity that allows discourse without agreement in order to find common ground. So, I’ve gone to the Guides, and this is what they wanted to share.
Dear Ones,
Your back, your history is covered with talking bubbles that need to be popped in order to achieve the core you. The core you that can come to the circle of discussion that emerges from your own heart of truth. This is where your knowledge is. This is the center of knowingness within you that radiates out. Words are useless without the firm foundation of truth found inside your feeling. Go through each layer of talk, words, dive into the feeling and why it is emerging in an emotion that finds conflict with your feeling of the truth. Go beyond the things you were taught into the place where you as a child sat listening and understanding instinctually the difference between what you were told that was in conflict with what you knew then as truth. What you know now as truth. You, too, were/are in survival mode in the face of bigotry, just by observing and doing nothing. Judging. No one is released from that need to judge another until they feel it, know it, and accept their need to heed the heart and not the brain and entrenched training as helpless non-participants. Heroes are not those who proclaim with words their Authority. No. Heroes are those who stand with their heart and know the truth, acting from the heart, not from the trained brain; not as a reaction, but as a proactive participant in the living breath of all that are natural Earth-based life forms. You are not separate little pods of personality acting out your dramas for entertainment and distraction from the living truth inside your heart. Let the talking bubbles resting on your back burst. Let your authentic self, your soul self, step into the light of love and understanding and forgiveness for being one of those who rests your actions on someone else’s words. Step into your heart center that is balanced with Mind. Step into the Light of understanding, first of all within yourself. 
This process of asking the Guides for clarity allows me an opportunity to see another layer or layers of the questions I put to them. I’m always learning something from their responses. They see deeper into me than I do. Let me know if you want their help during your times of questioning. They’re always available and I am honored to be of service as the channel they forge between us in order to deliver insights for your life. Find me at nikisimsoracle.com.

Published by Niki Sims Oracle

An Oracle for those seeking honest information. You ask a question, I provide an answer(s). I even ask questions about my own life and this site is a diary of the multi-dimensional aspects of this life, plus reflective of what 'Journeying' is all about - for me... Journeying is a native american shamanic meditative state where guardians and assistants are met.

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