Reading With The Guides – July 2020

Rukshi Soyza
Angel card. Listening. You have been receiving repetitive messages through your feelings, dreams, visions, inner voice or knowingness. Are you listening and trusting these messages? Are you following them?
We are in a state of one World volcano seeping with small eruptions constantly. It is better than having it erupt so forcefully that the skies turn dark and obscure and we lose the sun. It is unpleasant, uncomfortable and indisputably important to sit with yourself and become the observer, the person who understands what is necessary within yourself to change in order to calm the fear it portends. Why is the volcano under so much pressure? Because it is birthing new Earth, new expansion, new territory to explore. It is being gentle in its insistence, not forceful and indignant, but assured in its determination to bring new life. Each person on the Earth is offered an opportunity to accommodate the necessity to change, relocate themselves in their intense reactions, find balance. The understanding that the Earth is as much a part of your daily life as your physical persona, that you are in essence a limb, a spoke, a tendril of her bounty, has been lost to many. Wrapping up the upheavals happening now within a blanket of distracting positionalities is akin to a bee buzzing around your picnic. Really, as much as it is about you, it’s about how you have forgotten the Earth is your partner, succor, a necessary established support mechanism that humanity in the most part has forgotten about honoring, supporting, and encouraging. Yes, there are incredible distractions now throughout daily lives in many areas of concern. How do you incorporate yourself into all of that? Discourse amongst yourselves is important, but so is your discourse and conversations with Nature, with Earth. You are being distracted, lead to believe that you personally are more important than that partnership. Take the time to appreciate a flower and say Thank You; watch the sea and it’s evanescence and say Thank You; saturate yourself with the peace of a quiet stream and say Thank You. There are so many ways to honor the Earth and assure it’s expansion. Listen to the birds and allow them their cacophony with joy of their being. Acknowledge your partnership consciously and continually. There are many voices calling out to clarify deep disquiet socially, politically, culturally municipally.  Sink into peace daily and let your own honorable nature expand with the breadth of acceptance in order to be clear about how partnership expands your own capabilities to listen, to allow, to grow in understanding and concern for how you meet challenge with integrity and an expectation of grace and connection.
Mari Lee Odendaal
Learning lessons has not been central to the current World experience. Too much has been hidden behind massive bulwarks. It’s been accomplished through the use of defensiveness, protection, and secrecy. And now, there is an effort to encourage that behavior, those thought processes, that positionality, into a special place geographically where it can continue and be recognized as the sovereign right of those who adhere to ego, to express themselves without forcing themselves on others. It began about coveting money. Greed. Millenial timelines. Always those that coveted what others had and how to manipulate in order to separate and support their being “Other.” The many thousands of years of succumbing to being governed by pirates is being challenged globally like never before. It will take time to balance, to grow in a new way. Eight years of compromise and mediation to achieve a common goal of equity is upon all. All in this time period were born to play a part in this sea change of concern, empathy, companionship that doesn’t denigrate another for being less evolved, but allows that expression safely for all. It will require new thought, new transparency, new companionship of hearts and minds invested in a common goal to achieve parity. Strength, might, war, will be partnered with acceptance that we are all one family, and as such will allow those who want to follow that old path to do so in a manner that is not a portion of the rest, if they so choose. Everyone will be offered a choice without judgment until those who teach malice and separateness are moved beyond individuality into a mutually dependant community.
I hope this provides an interesting perspective.

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An Oracle for those seeking honest information. You ask a question, I provide an answer(s). I even ask questions about my own life and this site is a diary of the multi-dimensional aspects of this life, plus reflective of what 'Journeying' is all about - for me... Journeying is a native american shamanic meditative state where guardians and assistants are met.

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