It started early for me. When The Wizard of Oz was shown for the first time on television, I recognized the sparkly good witch as the same person who came and visited me quite regularly at home. Whoa! Although we were raised Catholic we had the influence of the Irish, Hungarian, and Native American mysticisms that provided an openness and acceptance to happenings throughout the family. Once a few of us were moving a human-sized blessed statue of a saint in the back seat of the car when my mom took the name of God in vain. We were all kicked pretty darn hard from that statue through the seat and as a result remained absolutely silent for the remainder of the ride. When my mother’s mom died, her face was very obviously imprinted on a window shade in our house for a couple of weeks. So, along with the ancestral mysticisms we had from our family’s genetic inheritance, does that mean I inherited the ability to discern answers for others into this field of work? I’m not sure. One of my sisters became a medium in her late teens, becoming a channel for a Native American entity. She would go into trance and the entity would speak through her. One day she came to me and said that her Guiding Spirit had requested she transfer the ability to me as she was not able to handle the energy. Blessings on her for having the wherewithal to accept the request and pass it on to me.

Is mysticness a word? It seems to be what I’ve grown into. While I’ve always had the belief in other dimensions, I’ve studied to understand my experiences in order to feel more comfortable with them. I’ve seen aliens lose their human masks; talked regularly with the Devas running lightning over our property; conversed with Ant Managers, requesting they redirect their attention away from my home; shared the joy of being alive with butterflies; heard my plants tell me when they need water and nutrients; talked with a leprechan who helped me find a lost package; seen a Goth pop out of the wall of a building; and observed a giant entranced with songs sung with my granddaughter on the swing.

Decades of experience living between dimensions allows me to share insights from Guides, Angels, and special entities, all wrapped up in a package that’s not only, well… heavenly, but light-hearted, positive, and heartfelt. I know that this facility to “see” for others is a gift. One that I treasure. It is truly a blessing to assist clients out of chaos into a framework of understanding.

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