May Guided Message: Resistance

Many are feeling the chafing of emotions. Not feeling a direct route to a clear road ahead. The chafingness is resistance, the deep understanding that all is not balanced and more perspective needs to be discovered. You aren’t walking barefoot in the dog park. You’ve chosen to walk on a cobbled street instead, a bitContinue reading “May Guided Message: Resistance”


Surrendering To Love – A Clarion Call From Many

I sat down to journey to the guides for insight and answers about the World’s plight. Why was it? What can we learn from it? What will be the end result? They immediately came through with the following in my own first-person response. I’m as surprised as you probably are! So, without further adieu. (Oh!Continue reading “Surrendering To Love – A Clarion Call From Many”

Conversation With The Guides 3.16.20

Topic: Pandemic A lovely man wrote to me in response to the last Conversations post requesting that I not do a reading for him, but for all of us. A timely request. There are personal thoughts at the end of the following information shared. Angel card: Focus. Think about what you want, not what youContinue reading “Conversation With The Guides 3.16.20”