I have recently added the option to have a tarot reading which covers all areas of life and would be considered a “general overview.” Accomplished via Zoom, we can schedule a half hour to forty minutes to chat and look at current life situations, and record it for your future viewing. I will focus on the client the day and morning before the reading and pull the cards before we connect on Zoom to facilitate the time we spend together.

Most readings are provided via email in order that I do not distract from the trance-like state I enter to request answers. Clients send me their questions via email: With each question, I enter the “space” where my Guides are to “see” movies and hear direct information in answer to the query. I am typing as the information comes through and send the results in a return email. I Journey to the Guides and type all the information that is provided. A follow-up Q&A discussion is available for further clarification on the results.

Both Zoom recordings and transcription emails very often come in handy weeks and even months later as issues and answers become clearer.

It is possible to schedule an in-person reading. If the focus is to be on a person or pet who has passed, I would request that a personal item from them can be held during the discussion.

To Schedule a Reading
…Send a request email to, indicating your choice of process: Zoom, Email, or in person. If your choice is Email, send your questions, plus your selection of dates available per your schedule.
…Readings are available Tuesday and Thursdays at 10 am Costa Rica time.
…$25 payment per question for Email.
…$50 payment per Zoom reading.
…In-person readings are $100 per half hour utilizing PayPal.
…PayPal email address:
….Once payment has been received, the session will be confirmed.
…If there are sensitive time issues involved in the questions, please let me know ahead of time and I will expedite the reading as much as my schedule allows.


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