Most readings are provided via email in order that I do not distract from the meditative trance-like state I enter to request answers. Clients send me their questions via email: With each question, I Journey to my Guides and enter the “space” to “see” movies and hear direct information in answer to the query. I am typing the information as it comes through and send the results in a return email. A follow-up Q&A discussion is available for further clarification, if the client is unsure of their interpretation of the results.

These results/transcription emails very often come in handy weeks and even months later as issues and answers become clearer.

To Schedule a Reading
…Send a request email to with your questions, plus your selection of dates available per your schedule.
…Readings are scheduled for mornings throughout the week.
…$40 payment per question.
…PayPal email address:
….Once payment has been received, the session will be confirmed.
…If there are sensitive time issues involved in the questions, please let me know ahead of time and I will expedite the reading as much as my schedule allows.

Please be aware that there are two emails. One for discussion, and one for payments – PayPal email address:


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