I was trained to follow the Shamanic Journeying process 40 years ago. My process has evolved considerably from Shamanic to immediate access to other dimensional realities where the most energetic potential outcome for each question is portrayed. My abilities are supported by various energetic Guides who show me a movie in answer to each question asked by the client. I use the Palladini Tarot Deck as the focal point for information delivery.

In Costa Rica, I provide drop-in readings every Saturday at Joanna’s Cocina Eclectica, an Escazu restaurant, from 12 pm to 3pm. Cost is $25 or 15 mil per question.

To Schedule a Personal Reading
…Send a request email to with the questions you want answered, plus your selection of dates available.
…Personal readings are available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays at 10 am Costa Rica time.
…$25 payment per question is made using Paypal email address:
…Once payment has been received, the session will be confirmed.
…If there are sensitive time issues involved in the questions, please let me know ahead of time and I will expedite the reading as much as my schedule allows.


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