March Message From The Guides: Friendship + Perception = Illumination

Before I get started sharing the Guides’ messages for the month of March, I wanted to share an experience I had last night as I was preparing to climb into bed. At the front of my house are two windows looking out onto a large yard flanked by tropical foliage on both sides. As I glanced up, I literally saw bars from the ceiling to the floor sparkling in vibrant blues and greens, with the outside being an incredible light indigo blue. I had been concerned with the virus hitting Costa Rica (where I live) and reservations for three upcoming gatherings… whether to attend or not. Since these bars resembled prison bars, the answer is to limit my connection to groups. I know this was a personal message to me, but perhaps it might be one to consider for yourself. The following messages are a recording of a conversation with the guides, in which I asked questions and they provided these thoughts. The topic is certainly not one I would have chosen, so it’s a fascinating response. Let me know what you think.


Goodness me. Here we are publishing a note to you after the first of this month of March due to outcomes surrounding the Earth in variously interesting ways; some entertaining, some inhibiting, some quite concerning. How you are responding to each is a real see-saw right now as the energies of Ascension between dimensions is a current (get it?) with quick changes. Adaptability without negative judgment is crucial to stay focused and positive.


What is the topic for March?
Holographic Life

If we’re living in a holographic universe, we must have agreed in some way to play by some common rules with those who are closest to us. The expanded consciousness we share as a core group had to have been arrived at before we agreed to walk into this subscribed projection whereby we share different roles of the play.
Dolores Cannon said that all surrounding people on the bus, even the bus itself, was/is a projection that only exists as an “extra” disappearing immediately beyond the moment we need it to reinforce the story we’re involved in. Therapists state that those recovering from unresolved issues must play all the parts of that scenario in order to incorporate a sense of balance in reintegration and that the magnetizing or attracting situations replicating the initial state of play (helplessness) are inevitable until we can understand enough to move into an Observer role and stop trying to control the experience. Example: many people attract the same type of oppressor or situation in order to change them and be the one in control of the outcome.
I’m actually interested in this holographic idea but struggle with the dynamic of it more than the wisdom gathering potential of it. The idea of being surrounded by “extras” makes my head hurt. Mrs. Cannon gave an example of a convention center where most people weren’t there until the moment a person stepped into the room. Hmmmm.
Consider Star Trek and other SciFi publications where practicing a skill or vacationing in your idea spot is provided by an AI construct. It’s happening now, so perhaps her intel from Higher Consciousness is correct and you are actually bands of like-minded friends who’ve decided to look at a specific intentional event or philosophy or concept together because you each have specific parts needed to be acted out in order to understand and accept the core belief and become more well-rounded souls.
I can only refer to myself and state unequivocally that I’ve been playing roles around what love in a physical 3D reality is, and how it shows up in me and how I’ve learned through incredible emotional storms both positive and negative to recognize and share it. I am by no means proficient.
Practice makes or gets closer to perfect and shining/sharing love onto/into others. Extras or not will provide you with a mirrored return that bounces back directly into your heart. 
I’m going to stick my proverbial neck out here and suggest most of us on the Earth at this time are surrounding ourselves with the learning of that same topic.
The divisiveness and countered positionality that lacks empathy for “other” is the core of learning about love. Recognizing division allows one to realize lack of balance, aligning into another self-based reality. Goes both ways of course. It’s an elementary recognition of have/have not, dark/light, positive/negative at least in observation mode. You have or experience one or the other. Understanding you need to relocate on the spectrum to achieve a balance between the divisive extremes. So, there are macro and micro groups working their ways toward a center point and that’s the Ascension you’ve been hearing so much about. You are not going to be the same after you begin to approach the non-judgement place within yourself. The differences allow real beauty to be expressed. Where the bands of friends intersect and interact is where transcendence happens. 
I wonder if it’s that same mirrored flash of returning love that happens when we shine our light for no particular reason. Maybe we’re really suns and moons to one another, friends who create whole universes for one another? It’s certainly a fascinating whirlwind of thought. Thank you!


Is it time to receive a refresh of information and energy from the Guides for your own perspective?


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