Conversation With The Guides 3.16.20

Topic: Pandemic

A lovely man wrote to me in response to the last Conversations post requesting that I not do a reading for him, but for all of us. A timely request. There are personal thoughts at the end of the following information shared.

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Angel card: Focus. Think about what you want, not what you don’t want. Guard your thoughts and feelings carefully because they create your experience.

Why is this happening?
To create Fear. Too many are rising up making their voices heard. Too many want to create and choose their life experiences rather than be constrained by survival. They are being silenced, isolated from one another. Those that control this World literally breathe in fear as food. There is a gamble here that all of the good guys will discover a new opportunity to value community in the sense of We in one location becoming Us worldwide. Although it is being considered that this pandemic is an amalgamation of chance, that is not so. Some might call this Ascencion, others end days. We wouldn’t call it either that would mean the end, but rather the beginning of cooperation worldwide. The reality is that this is an opportunity to be your best for others and expect those to be their best for you. You are being encouraged to see the benefit side instead of the panic or worry side of this situation… emotional logic of the reality, quick exposures of where societies and individuals are being controlled vs being supported. Only you can judge how you have accomplished or want to accomplish how you have been of benefit to others, and it’s time to do so. How do you measure yourself in terms of supporting your fellow man? Have you helped and been of service and growth for souls (not how the financial bottom line in commercial enterprise benefits the few). What have you given of your depth of love in support of yourself and for others? It’s a time of pivotal change that is moving focus from the one to the All.

…………………………..Personal thoughts……………………..

Share. Go through all your stuff, kitchen, closets, storage, everything, and put what you can part with to the side to share with others in a neighborhood drop off location. Be safe however you facilitate drop offs.

Please donate to Food Banks.

Please share old computers or electronics that can be utilized by children in their isolation.

Encourage municipalities to consider how to gather and disperse these items.

Check in on elderly neighbors using safety measures via a note through the mail slot with your phone number. Support their needs for shopping, listening, and connection to medical if necessary.

Look up the following on YouTube and consider what these folks are offering: Amanda Ellis, Nicholas Ashbaugh, and Dr. John Campbell.

There are alot of tendrils here where you can map how increasing the fear state all over the world has brought about constrictive control that has been escalating sharply just in this past year. Do you think that establishing a fear state worldwide is a coincidence in light of the outrage and concern expressed by people who are simply attempting to request individual rights and choice be supported by the figures who are controlling possibility?


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